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cinnamic acid  

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4 - dimethyl amino benzoic acid

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Product Name: 4 - dimethyl amino benzoic acid
CAS NO.: 619-84-1
Formula C9H11NO2
Packging: 25kg cardboard drum or 200kg/drum
Molecular Structure
MW 165.19
EINECS No. 210-615-8 Login
Melting point 238-242 o C

Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd Products

4 - dimethyl amino benzoic acid
Product Name: 4 - dimethyl amino benzoic acid CAS NO.: 619-84-1 Formula C9H11NO2 Packging: 25kg cardboard drum or 200kg/drum Molecular Structure MW 165.19 EINECS No. 210-615-8 Login Melting point 238-242 o C ,4 - dimethyl amino benzoic acid, 4 - dimethyl amino benzoic acid
Product Name: N-Amidinoglycine CAS NO.: 352-97-6 EINECS NO.: 206-529-5 Packaging specifications: 25kg/drum MW: 117.11 Molecular Formula: C3H7N3O2 Melting point 280-284 ℃ (decomposition). Soluble in water. Appearance white or yellowish crystalline powder Melting point 265 degree centigrade or above Heavy metal ≤ 10ppm Arsenic ≤ 1ppm Loss on drying ≤ 0.5% Residue on ignition ≤ 0.2% Content ≥ 99.0% ≤ 1000 the total number of bacteria / g Berry bacteria ≤ 100 / g E. coli can not be detected Usage: Food Additives Dangerous nature of the Xi symbol Hazard class Code 36/37/38 Safety Instructions: 26-36 WGK Germany 3 RTECS MB7700000 Customs Code 29.252 million Storage methods Store in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse, to prevent the heat or sun exposure, prohibited mixed with hazardous materials storage, non-toxic with hazardous materials during transportation and should be covered to prevent the damp. ,N-Amidinoglycine, N-Amidinoglycine
ferulic acid
Product name:3-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)acrylic acid CAS NO.: 1135-24-6 EINECS NO.: 214-490-0 Molecular Formula: C10H10O4 MW: 194.19 Melting Point: 174 degree centigrade Solubility:hydrosoluble Characters Description: There are cis-trans isomers. E-type square prismatic crystal, melting point is 174 ℃; Z-type yellow oily liquid, soluble in hot water, ethanol, ethyl acetate, ether soluble, petroleum ether, benzene insoluble. Usage: Lee bile acid intermediates. Food preservative. Anticoagulant ,ferulic acid, ferulic acid
cinnamyl formate
Product Name: cinnamyl formate CAS NO. 104-65-4 EINECS No. 203-223-3 Molecular Formula C10H10O2 MW 162.18 Boiling point: 250 ℃, flash point: 100 ℃ or more. Relative density (25 ℃) :1.077-1 .082, Refractive index (20 ℃) :1.550-1 .556.Signs of dangerous goods Packaging specifications: 25kg cardboard drum Specifications Model: 98% enterprise standard Physical and Chemical Properties: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with cinnamon like balsam gas, has a bitter taste. Miscible in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and most of the non-volatile oil, a few do not dissolve in water. Preparation: from formic acid and cinnamic alcohol in the presence of phosphoric acid formylation made use of: spices. Is mainly used for the preparation of strawberry, raspberry, peach, banana and spices such as flavor. ,cinnamyl formate, cinnamyl formate
Product Name:Disodium 2,2'-dihydroxy-4,4'-dimethoxy-5,5'-disulfobenzophenone CAS NO.:76656-36-5 EINECS NO.: 278-520-4 Package Size: 5kg/bag Short title: BP-9DS49 Molecular Formula: C15H12O11S2Na2 Molecular Weight: 478.35 Appearance: light yellow crystalline powder Content: 98% Melting point:> 130 degree centigrade Moisture: ≤ 2.0% Properties and Usage: It is an excellent water-soluble UV absorber, absorption wavelength 280-320nm, are widely used in water-soluble cosmetics, water-soluble ink, paint, paint. ,BP-9, BP-9
Product Name:2,2'-Dihydroxy-4,4'-dimethoxybenzophenone CAS NO.: 131-54-4 Molecular formula: C15 H14O5 MW: 274.27 Appearance: light yellow powder Packing: 5kg/bag Melting point: ≥ 134 degree centigrade Content: ≥ 99.0% Moisture: ≤ 05g/100g Stability: relatively stable under normal conditions Features and Uses: This product is a water-soluble neutral broad-spectrum UV absorber, with absorption of high efficiency, non-toxic, non-teratogenic side effects, light, thermal stability and so on. Can improve the shampoo and acrylic acid containing material and the stability of flavors and fragrances. Mainly used in water-soluble chemical sunscreen, sunscreen, lotion. To improve the durability of the color dyeing textiles to prevent the yellowing of wool textile products in order to prevent the synthetic fabric fade at the same time can be applied hair gel, mousse and other hair care products prevent ultraviolet radiation caused by damage to the hair white. ,BP-6, BP-6
Product Name 2: crotonaldehyde Technical Manual Code: 191 CAS No.: 4170-30-3 Molecular formula: C4H6O Molecular Weight: 70.09 Melting point (℃): -76 Boiling point (℃): 104 Relative density (water = 1): 0.85 Relative vapor density (air = 1): 2.41 Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 4.00 (20 degree centigrade) Heat of combustion (kJ / mol): 2268.0 Critical Temperature (℃): Not available Critical Pressure (MPa): Not available Octanol / water partition coefficient as log Pow: 0.63 Flash point (℃): 13 Ignition temperature (℃): 230 Explosive limit% (V / V): 15.5 Explosive limit% (V / V): 2.1 Solubility: slightly soluble in water, miscible in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene, toluene and so the majority of organic solvents. Main purposes: for the system n-butanol, n-butyl aldehyde, vulcanization accelerator ,crotonaldehyde , crotonaldehyde
Cinnamyl acetate
Product Name: Cinnamyl acetate CAS No. :103-54-8 Molecular Formula: C11H12O2 MW: 176.21 Packing specification: 200kg (barrels) Specifications Type: 98% Chemical properties: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, sweet balm and roses and vetiver fragrance mix. The boiling point is 265 ° C ,145-146 ° C (2.0kPa) ,139-140 ° C (1.33kPa.Conclusion), 114 ° C (0.133kPa), relative density is 1.0567 (20 / 4 ° C), the refractive index is 1.5425. A flash point is 110 ° C. Soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, almost insoluble in water and glycerol. A moderate sweetness of the scent. Preparation : cinnamyl alcohol and acetic acid esterification directly derived. After esterification, and in, washing, drying, vacuum distillation derived products. Usage: can be used as modifiers, and a good set incense capacity, appropriate for the carnation, hyacinth, lilac, lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia, rabbit ears flower, yellow daffodils and other flower essences. Rose with income, have increased the role of warm sweet, but the dosage should be small; with geraniol sharing can get beautiful rose style. It is also commonly used in food flavors such as cherries, grapes, peaches, apricots, apples, berries, wind pears, cinnamon, cinnamon and other type of fragrance. The preparation of soap, and daily make-up flavor. In the preparation of lily of the valley, jasmine and gardenia fragrance such as perfume, as well as oriental flavor agent used as a fragrant aroma components determined. ,Cinnamyl acetate , Cinnamyl acetate
isobutyl cinnamate
Product Name: isobutyl cinnamate CAS : 122-67-8 Formula : C13H16O2 Molecular Weight : 204.26 Package specification: 200kg plastic barrel Specifications Model: 99% Enterprise Standard Physical and chemical properties: Colorless transparent liquid of sweet fruit aroma and flavor oils, boiling point: 271 ℃. Miscible in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and most of the non-volatile oil, slightly soluble in propylene glycol, a few do not dissolve in water . relative density (25 ℃) :1.001-1 .004, refractive index (20 ℃) :1.539-1 .541, flash point greater than 100 ℃. Content ≥ 99.0%. . Preparation Methods: toluene as water-carrying agent in the catalyst, by the reaction of cinnamic acid with isobutanol derived from the reaction is as follows: Usage: spices. Is mainly used for the preparation of gooseberry, peach, strawberry, cherry, cocoa and chocolate aroma strong flavor. ,isobutyl cinnamate, isobutyl cinnamate
Cinnamyl cinnamate
Product Name: Cinnamyl cinnamate CAS RN 122-69-0 EINECS No. 204-566-1 Molecular Formula C18H16O2 MW 264.32 Package Size: 5kg 200KG / plastic drum Specifications Model: 97% enterprise standard Product Description: Appearance white or non - Color Crystal Taste was slightly sweet aroma of resin Content ≥ 98% Acid Value ≤ 2.0 Usage: edible spices. Is mainly used for a variety of fruit flavor of fixed deodorant. Will be used as a scent of carnation, hyacinth, tuberose, Susan Blue, sandalwood, Prynne, lily of the valley, and so fragrant flavor of the day ,Cinnamyl cinnamate, Cinnamyl cinnamate
Cinnamic acid propyl ester
Product name Cinnamic acid propyl ester CAS NO. 7778-83-8 EINECS No. 231-916-0 Molecular Formula C12H14O2 MW 190.24 Boiling point of 283 ~ 284 ℃ Relative Density: 1.0435 Refractive index: 1.551 Package specification: 200kg plastic barrel Specifications Model: 98%. Enterprise Standard Appearance: colorless, sticky thick liquid Uses: pharmaceutical intermediates, flavor and fragrance intermediates ,Cinnamic acid propyl ester, Cinnamic acid propyl ester
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