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Dongguan Otai Special Steel Company

Dongguan Otai Special Steel is one of leading reliable carbon steel, alloy steel supplier and business partner. Our products are widely used for high speed tool steel, hot works and cold works tool steel, plastic mold steel and engineering steel.

Established in 1999, first begin with Yao Teng Steel Brand, Otai Steel supplies a wide range of steel products, including high speed tool steel, cold works mould steel, hot works mould steel and plastic mould steel. After 20 years development and growing, Otai Steel becomes one comprehensive special steel manufacturer, stockiest and exporter. Combined with experienced exporting team and professional technical knowledge, Otai Steel offers both technical advice and support, as well as global professional steel solution and service. Due to satisfactory quality and professional service, Otai steel expands our market worldwide, such as Canada, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Spain, Turkey, Algeria, Vietnam, Malaysia and so on.
Products :
#High Speed Steel (AISI M2/M35/M42 Etc.) #Hot Work Tool Steel (DIN 1.2344 / AISI H11/H13/SKT 4 Etc. ) #Cold Work Steel (AISI A2/A8/D2/D3/O1/O2 Etc.) #Plastic Mold Steel (AISI P20 DIN1.2312 Etc.) #Quenched &Tempered Alloy Steels (AISI 4130/4140/4340/8620 Etc.) #Carbon Steel (AISI 1045/1020/EN S236 JR Etc.)

Contact Information:

+86 769 8870 5839
1F, Building B, Sanfang Industrial Area, Xiansha, Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China

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Cold work tool steel
Cold work tool steel, O1 steel cold work tool steel,AISI O1 tool Steel is a high quality Cold work tool steel, It belong to the high quality high carbon alloy tool steel. Oil Quenched & Tempered Hardenss is 28-34 HRc. AISI o1 steel Annealing delivery hardenss less than 250HB.
Plastic mould steel P20
Plastic mould steel 920, P20 tool steel,ASTM P20 tool Steel is a good quality plastic tool steel, P20 tool steel belong to the high quality medium carbon,Pre-hardness(28~34HRc) plastic mould steel. It no need further heat treatment. so you don’t have any worry about distortion or cracking. P20 tool steel properties is very simliar...
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel, 1045 steel, carbon steel,1045 steel has good strength and impact properties, plus good machinability and reasonable weldability in the hot rolled or normalised condition. it has a low through hardening capability with sections up to around 60mm only generally recommended as suitable for through hardening and tempering....
Alloy steel 4140
Alloy steel 4140, 4140 tool steel,4140 Tool steel is a alloy structural steel, 4140 tool is used for engineering structural, like high tensile shafts, bolts and nuts, gears, pinions and spindles. Locomotive traction with the big gear, supercharger drive gear, pressure vessel, rear axle, gear load of connecting rod and a spring...
High speed steel
High speed steel, M2 tool steel,M2 tool steel high speed steel China stockholders and suppliers- Otai Special steel. The M2 high speed steel is known for its balanced combination of abrasion resistance, toughness and good red hardness. M2 is a tungsten-molybdenum high speed tool steel, m2 tool steel is used in a variety of...